What We Do

Energy & Environment

Under the Energy and Environment division, ANCCD focuses on two core areas: 1) Sustainable and Renewable Energy and 2) Pollution and Climate Change.

ANCCD believes that eradicating energy power poverty and industrializing Africa will require sustainable energy solutions built upon a strong renewable energy and energy efficiency base. Creative ideas must be employed to realize this in realistic, affordable and profitable ways that offer our society the requisite, interconnected environmental, economic and social benefits.

ANCCD goal is to enlighten African citizens about pollution and climate change, its causes and impacts, and what individuals, companies, institutions, nations and the world can do to mitigate it. We recognize that significant irreversible damages have already been done to our climate and its impacts will continue to surface, with Africa bearing the brunt of climate change.

Support Our Work

1. Sustainable and renewable energy


  • ANCCD will support the use of renewable sources and maximize energy efficiency opportunities. Government and public policies in this regard will be supported
  • ANCCD will help ensure that Africa’s industrialization takes place in the most efficient and environmentally friendly manner
  • We will research optimal and sustainable use of Africa’s abundant energy resources seeking ways to eliminate technical and economic hurdles to affordable clean fossil energy

2. Pollution Climate Change


  • ANCCDpromotes proactive research on African-based solutions to climate change adaptation and adoption of the solution to evert catastrophic impacts.
  • Help develop comprehensive climate policy packages for Nigeria that include energy efficiency improvements, pricing carbon, reducing emissions, and adaptation methods.
  • Investigate, educate and enlighten Nigerians on the impacts of different energy sources on climate change, possible mitigation and adaptation methods.
  • Sensitize the next generation on climate change and engender in them a strong desire to innovate and build an economically robust and buoyant and environmentally responsible society
  • Help develop, monitor policy and business developments that have real implications for climate change
  • Research focus and advocacy on impacts of development of some sectors on livelihoods, land, water, air and climate. These sectors include: oil and gas and liquidified natural gas (LNG); manufacturing, natural resource development and transportation and urban solutions.

ANCCD will work with communities, corporate organizations and the government at all levels to realize our core objectives.

We will engage and work with communities to identify sustainability goals, helping them create plans and approaches to achieve them. Target areas include:

  • energy plan and policy design
  • climate action plans to reduce greenhouse gas emissions
  • renewable energy integration assessments
  • Energy, sustainability and climate mitigation planning

Corporate. We will engage and work with companies to solve energy and environmental challenges through analysis, energy efficiency improvements, system analysis and environmentally sustainable designs, dialogue and life cycle and sustainability thinking. Businesses in Nigeria are yet to wake up to their role in creating and implementing sustainable and environmentally friendly energy solutions. We will help businesses create win-win opportunities to enhance environmental performance as well as economic competitiveness. Areas of industry focus include Oil and gas, Natural Resource Developments, Renewable Energy, Energy Efficiency, Transportation

Important projects areas to achieve our goals:

  • Dialogue and engagement. Multi-stakeholder dialogue and collaborative engagement.
  • Life cycle value assessment. Facilitating triple-bottom-line and systems thinking in options analysis and decision-making for major capital projects.
  • Techno-economic evaluation and energy systems analysis.
  • Climate change and GHG emissions management
  • Corporate Responsibility Reporting

Government. We provide advice and support to all levels of government on initiatives that result in sustainable energy production and consumption. Type of work the center will deliver is on:

  • Technical – technology and projects assessments.
  • Economic evaluation
  • Policy design, analysis and strategy development
  • Using our understanding of both environmental trends and different stakeholders’ interests to develop policy scenarios and outcomes.
  • Act as a bridge between a diverse set of stakeholders through identifying common solutions.
  • Communications and public awareness